46. Colleges and Universities in Syracuse

1. Syracuse University- Syracuse University is private institution founded in 1870. The university was founded as a seminary by the Methodist Episcopal church in 1832. Currently, about 15,200 undergraduate students and about 6,200 graduate students attend Syracuse University. The school is mostly a residential campus but it is not gated. The current chancellor of Syracuse University is Kent Syverud. Full-time undergraduate total list price is about $57,724 per year. The University is nationally recognized for its programs in information studies, architecture, public communications, business administration, public administration and engineering. There are a variety of student organizations, sports teams, and fraternities and sororities on campus to participate in. The Syracuse Orange is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference and participates in over 20 Division I Sports. Otto the Orange is Syracuse’s mascot. Syracuse is ranked tied for 61st in the nation among undergraduate universities by U.S. News and World Report. For additional information, you can visit Syracuse University's website at www.syr.edu.


900 South Crouse Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 443-1870

2. Le Moyne College - Le Moyne College, named after Simon Le Moyne, is a private, four-year Jesuit College of approximately 2,871 undergraduate students and about 662 graduate students that balances a comprehensive liberal arts education with preparation for specific career paths or graduate study. Le Moyne costs around $46,170 a year. Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1946, Le Moyne was the first Jesuit College to be founded as a co-educational institution. Le Moyne is the second youngest of the twenty-eight Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. The campus is located in DeWitt, a suburb of Syracuse, New York. The school competes for sports in the Northeast Ten Conference at the Division II level for its 17 varsity teams. For additional information, you can visit Le Moyne College's Web site at http://www.lemoyne.edu/


1419 Salt Springs Rd,
Syracuse, NY 13214
(315) 445-4100

3.The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) - Founded in 1911, SUNY-ESF is one of the nations oldest school dedicated to environmental studies. It is ranked tied for 89th in the US News and World Report's Top National Universities. SUNY-ESF offers 20 undergraduate programs and 30 graduate programs including bachelor's master's and doctoral programs. The school shares a campus with Syracuse University, and has its own dormitory, Centennial Hall. It was completed in Fall 2011. ESF's curriculum focus on environmental studies, developing renewable technologies and building sustainable futures. Enrollment is about 2,250 students (600 graduate students, 1,650 total undergraduates). The tuition for in state is about $7,770 while out of state is about $17,620. The SUNY-ESF Mighty Oaks are apart of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association that is comprised of many small schools. Students in ESF are also welcomed to participate in club and intermural sports at Syracuse University, where ESF’s Campus is located. The college also has a campus in the Adirondacks called the Ranger School, where students study forest technology during their sophomore year. SUNY-ESF is one of 64 schools in the State University System.
For more information, you can visit SUNY-ESF's Web site at http://www.esf.edu/

external image suny-esf-green-college.jpg
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 470-6500

4. State University of New York Upstate Medical University (SUNY Upstate Medical University) - SUNY Upstate Medical University is a medical school founded in 1834. The University was formerly known as SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse. They have degree programs in Nursing, Medicine, Health Professions and Physical Therapy. It was the thirteenth medical school founded in North America and the second in New York. SUNY Upstate is the only medical school in Central New York. Today it is the 16th oldest North American medical school and the second oldest in New York, only behind Columbia. The current enrollment is about 650 students. In 2009, SUNY Upstate welcomed the opening of Golisano Children's Hospital. Tuition varies based on the program the student is enrolled in, however it is less expensive for those who live in state. For more information, you can visit SUNY Upstate Medical University's Web site at http://www.upstate.edu/

external image Universtiy%20Hospital.jpg
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 464-5540

5. Bryant and Stratton College - Bryant and Stratton College was founded in 1854 in Buffalo, New York. There are 17 campuses around the United States, including one in Syracuse. Bryant and Stratton's Syracuse campus offers 12 degree programs and also has Bachelor Degree Programs available. The college also provides online courses as well as accredited degrees in Accounting, Business, or Information Technology in under two years. The Bryant and Stratton Bobcats are in the National Collegiate Junior College Conference for Soccer and men’s and women’s Cross Country. For more information, you can visit Bryan and Stratton's website http://www.bryantstratton.edu

953 James St
Syracuse, NY 13203-2555
(315) 472-6603

6. Onondaga Community College -Onondaga Community College is a college of the SUNY system and one of 30 local community colleges sponsored in the area. This college offers two-year degree programs that give students opportunities to transfer to a four-year college or university. One of the advantages that SUNY community colleges offer is easily transferable credits. About 45 degree programs are offered at OCC. Currently, enrollment is about 12,750 students. Programs for children, teens, local businesses and school districts are also offered. Music and Electronic Media Communications is OCC's most well known program. The campus also provides residence halls to over 600 students and has many clubs and organizations. For more information, you can visit OCC's site http://www.sunyocc.edu/

external image 220px-OCC_Entrance_Sign.JPG
external image 220px-OCC_Entrance_Sign.JPG

4585 West Seneca Turnpike
Syracuse, NY 13215

47. NYS Psychiatric Facility in Syracuse

Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Facility- The Hutchings Psychiatric Facility provides inpatient and outpatient services for children and adults who live in the Central New York region. They have been serving the residents of Onondaga, Cayuga, Cortland, Madison and Oswego counties since 1972. The facility is a twelve building campus adjacent to the SUNY Upstate Medical School and a 5-minute walk from Syracuse University. There are 105 inpatient beds located in three distinct treatment units buildings and 1250 outpatients through a system of clinical, residential, social rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation services. The facility is associated with the Department of Psychiatry of Upstate Medical University and offers internships in Clinical Psychology. They also provide adult impatient services (ages 18-65), child adolescent services (under age 18) and adult outpatient services. For more information you can visit the Hutchings Psychiatric Facility Web site at
620 Madison Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 426-3600

Psychiatric Wellness Center - The Psychiatric Wellness Center is a facility that provides inpatient services for adults who live in the Syracuse area. This center treats and helps patients with anxiety, depression, bipolarness, ADD, OCD, and many other disorders or conditions. For more information you can contact the center at the following:


1816 Erie Blvd E.
Syracuse, NY
315 214-0390

48. - 50. Three Suburban School Districts in Onondaga County:

East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District
The East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District has a resident population of about 7,000 and covers the Villages of East Syracuse and Minoa. As of fall 2015, there were approximately 3,500 students enrolled at various schools within the district.

The district has a State/District-funded pre-kindergarten program for children ages 1-4. Dr. Donna DeSiato is the superintendent of the district and Dr. Thomas Neveldine is the deputy superintendent.

Enrollment Breakdown:

  • Park Hill School: Pre-K program for ages 1 through 4, enrollment of 250
  • East Syracuse Elementary School: Grades K-5, enrollment of 330
  • Fremont Elementary School: Grades K-5, enrollment of 370
  • Minoa Elementary School: Grades K-5, enrollment of 385
  • Woodland Elementary School: Grades K-5, enrollment of 390
  • Pine Grove Middle School: Grades 6-8, enrollment of 725
  • Central High School: Grades 9-12, enrollment of 1,050

School Locations and Contact Information:

1. Park Hill School: Pre-K program for ages 1 through 4
303 Roby Avenue
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3800

2. East Syracuse Elementary School: Grades K-5
230 Kinne Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3850

3. Fremont Elementary School: Grades K-5
115 Richmond Road West
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3480

4. Minoa Elementary School: Grades K-5
421 North Main Street
Minoa, NY 13116
Phone: 315-434-3420

5. Woodland Elementary School: Grades K-5
6316 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3440

6. Pine Grove Middle School: Grades 6-8
6318 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3050

7. Central High School: Grades 9-12
6400 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-434-3300

School Board

The ESM Board of Education is made up of nine members, each elected by the public to serve a four-year term. Terms are overlapping to ensure continuity of leadership. Board members serve without pay. The Board has authority over local school matters subject only to limitations imposed by state law and regulations of the Commissioner of Education.
The current board members are:

Term Expires:
Debbie Kolod (President)
June 30, 2018
D. Paul Waltz (Vice President)
June 30, 2016
Drew Rogers
June 30, 2017
Leah Cushing
June 30, 2018
Dee Seaman
June 30, 2019
Jennifer Steigerwald
June 30, 2019
Patti Puma
May 17, 2016
Debra B. Eichholtz
June 30, 2016
Nadine Zesky
June 30, 2018

For more information, you can visit the district's Web site at http://www.esmschools.org

407 Fremont Road
East Syracuse, NY 13057

49. Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District

external image FMSchools.png

The Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District was started in 1951 and serves 4,421 students enrolled in three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The superintendent of the district schools is Dr. Corliss Kaiser; she has been the superintendent since 2005. The district is located in the southeastern suburbs of the City of Syracuse in Central New York and is home to about 25,000 residents. For the 2013-2014 year the district has a total budget of $76,410,610.


1. Fayetteville-Manlius High School (Grades 9 -12)
Principal Raymond W. Kilmer
8201 East Seneca Turnpike,Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: (315) 692-1900
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSBFUqu8bl_f7yjHkrXrRUuEIOW6bDB2HwDh-lek_N5OjPWEQ&t=1&usg=__QMJIj_f9-kBMeWykN5wjK0PyBwk=

2. Wellwood Middle School (Grade 5- 8)
Principal Melissa K. Corbin
700 S. Manlius Street, Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: (315) 692-1049
external image large_WELLWOOD_4_DL.JPG

3. Eagle Hill Middle School (Grade 5- 8)
Principal Maureen McCrystal
4645 Enders Road, Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: (315) 692-1400
external image FM%20SCHOOL.jpg?w=204&h=153&aspect=nostretch

4. Fayetteville Elementary School (K- Grade 4)
Principal Eileen Lux
704 S. Manlius Street, Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: 315-692-1600
external image fms%20elemen.jpg

5. Mott Road Elementary School (K- Grade 4)
Principal Jonna Johnson
7173 Mott Road, Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: 315-692-1700
external image large_mottroad.jpg

6. Enders Road Elementary School (K- Grade 4)
Principal Deborah Capri
4725 Enders Road, Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: 315-692-1500
external image fms%20enders.jpg

School Boards

Fayetteville-Manlius's Board of Education is made up of nine elected members who serve three-year terms. The current board members are:

1. Jeff D. Brown (President)
Term Ends: 2017

2. Edin Ljuca (Vice President)
Term Ends:2017
Edin Ljuca.jpg

3. John J. Cucinotta (Vice President)
Term Ends: 2018

4.Lisa L. Izant, M.D.
Term Ends: 2018

4. Marissa Joy Mims
Term Ends 2018

6. Daniel J. O'Leary
Term Ends: 2016

7. Kim Swanson
Term Ends: 2016
8. Elena A. Romano
Term Ends: 2016

9. Timothy P. Crisafulli
Term Ends: 2017

The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for carrying out the laws and regulations pertaining to the education of our children. The Board adopts school district policy, curriculum, programs of study, and approves the hiring of all personnel as well as establishing the conditions of employment. In addition, the Board has the responsibility of maintaining facilities, establishing an annual budget, and setting a tax levy. The school district budget is adopted by the school board each year at a public meeting. The adopted budget then goes to voters for their approval.

Dr. Craig J. Tice - Superintendent

Fayettville Superintendent .jpeg


For more information, you can visit the district's Web site at http://www.fmschools.org
8199 East Seneca Turnpike, Manlius, NY 13104
Phone - (315) 692-1234
Fax - (315) 692-1028

50. West Genesee Central School District

external image HP_msthd.jpg
The West Genesee Central School District serves Camillus, NY as well as parts of the towns of Geddes, Onondaga, Elbridge and Van Buren. Winner of the 2009 Blue Ribbon School Award. The school district employs 815 people, making it one of the largest employers in the area. Student enrollment: 4,740. Christopher Brown (cbrown@westgenesee.org) is the current superintendent of the district schools. West Genesee Adult Education offers New York State Education Department approved Driver Education Program for students.


1. West Genesee High School
Principal: Dr. Barry Copeland
5201 West Genesee St., Camillus, NY 13031-2299
Phone: 315-487-4601
Grades: 9-12
external image West-Genesee-High-School1.jpg

2. Camillus Middle School
Principal: Beth Lozier
5525 Ike Dixon Road, Camillus, NY 13031-9621
Phone: 315-672-3159
Grades: 6-8

external image genesee%20cms.jpg

3. West Genesee Middle School
Principal: Stephen Dunham
500 Sanderson Drive, Camillus, NY 13031-9621
Phone: 315-487-4615
Grades: 6-8
genesee ms.jpeg

4. East Hill Elementary School
Principal: Lisa Craig
401 Blackmore Road, Camillus, NY 13031-2199
Phone: 315-487-4648
Grades: K-5
external image genesee%20east%20hill.jpg

5. Onondaga Road Elementary School
Principal: Jeannette Clark
703 Onondaga Road, Syracuse, NY 13219-2999
Phone: 315-487-4653
Grades: K-5
external image genesee%20onondaga.jpg

6. Split Rock Elementary School
Principal: Todd Freeman
4151 Split Rock Road, Camillus, NY 13031-9722
Phone: 315-487-4656
Grades: K-5
external image genesee%20split%20rock.jpg

7. Stonehedge Blue Elementary School
Principal: Lori Keevil
400 Sanderson Drive, Camillus, NY 13031-1699
Phone: 315-487-4633
Grades: K-2
external image genesee%20stonehenge.jpg

8. Stonehedge Gold Elementary School
Principal: Brent Suddaby
400 Sanderson Drive, Camillus, NY 13031-1699
Phone: 315-487-4631
Grades: 3-5

School Board

West Genesee's board of education is comprised of nine members. The current board members are:
1. Roberta M. Herron, President -rhe//rron@westgenesee.org//
2 Karen Fruscello, Vice-President -kfruscello@westgenesee.org
3. Shawn J. Mitchell -smitchell@westgenesee
4. Vladimiro Hart-Zavoli - vhart-zavoli@westgenesee.org//
5. Kimberly A. Sacco - ksacco@westgenesee.org
6. Steven C. James - sjames@westgenesee.org
7. David A. Paczkowski - dpaczkowski@westgenesee.org
8. Joseph F. Simon - jfsimon@westgenesee.org
9. Neil B. Widrick - nwidrick@westgenesee.org
School Board Mission:
"The mission of the West Genesee Central School District, in partnership with the community, is to ensure that each student attains the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary, not only for lifelong learning, but also for becoming a cooperative, self-directed, productive, caring citizen."


For more information, you can visit the district's Web site at http://www.westgenesee.org

300 Sanderson Drive
Camillus, NY 13031
Dr. Christopher Brown - Superintendent of Schools
external image Brown_Christopher.jpg

external image BOE_Med.jpg
Pictured above in front, from left to right, are Kimberly Coyne, Roberta Herron, Karen Fruscello, and Kimberly Sacco. In the back row from left to right are Vladimiro Hartzavoli, James Soper, Shawn Mitchell, Steven James, and Neil Widrick